Final Instructions - Addendum to Exhibitor Agreement / Terms of Agreement

Welcome and thank you for being a part of the Auburn Home Show.

We are proud to have outstanding exhibitors like you, with quality products and professional services. With your help, we will present a show that will be exciting to the consumer and beneficial to you.

This online handbook provides the FINAL INSTRUCTIONS and gives detailed information. Important phone numbers, maps and accommodations are included.

Should you have any questions or concerns during the show, please come to the Show Office located in the outside corner of the Sierra Building. We look forward to working with you to have a tremendous show.    

Additional notes for you:

Forklift NOT GUARANTEED! A forklift with operator may be available on a first come, first served basis during regular work hours (no Sat or Sun eve UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS WITH FAIRGROUNDS). Contact the fairgrounds prior to show to make arrangements. Charges and availability are determined by the Fairgrounds and are not responsible for any incurred damage. You may use your own equipment if properly insured and licensed and equipment use is approved in that area by the fairgrounds.

Final Instructions are routinely updated. Please review prior to events.