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Tiny Homes & Container Conversions Walktrough
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As has become a staple at our events, there will be a handful of tiny homes and ADU Container Units. The tiny homes and container units can be used for anything from extra living space to an in-law or boomerang kid house to a detached office or more…. Only your imagination limits you.  We don't want to ruin the surprise so here are a few teaser pictures. 

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NCCT Built Shed/Playhouse Giveaway - Sponsored by ABC 10
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Come check out the beautiful 2 story NCCT built shed/playhouse and then enter to win it! This unique 1 of a kind structure could be yours.

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Laser Tag Building
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Fun for the family or a great distraction for the kids while you shop the rest of the show!
Put away your video games, grab your phaser, formulate a strategy for your team and engage with your opponents in our live-action arena!
Laser Tag brings fast-action gameplay in a darkened arena with amazing sound and light effects, interactive devices, swirling fog and pulse-pounding music.
Our facility utilizes the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment for an unparalleled gaming experience, with real-time scoring and player tracking.
Phasers are armed and ready!

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Critter Corner
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Always popular, especially to the kids, is Ag education with animals that are used to introduce the joys of agriculture. Echo Valley Feed & Pet Store will bring in newly hatched poultry for the kids to adore. Consider critters as “weedwhackers” or poultry pens for your fresh eggs.

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how your defer/mitigate show shopping costs Seminars
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