About Us

As with any company, the staff are its backbone. The driving force and vision behind the the Auburn Home Show is the owner/producer Leilani (Lani) Johnston Horan.

With over 40 years of business and personnel management behind her, Lani took over the home shows in 1997. With a determined strategy, she brought the home shows from a small, charming, home town event into two of the largest and most respected home shows in Northern California. Her commitment to producing quality events coupled with her expertise and hands-on management ensures continued success as the home shows continue to flourish. Under her direction, the home shows have been voted the "Best of the Best Event" in Auburn.

Michael Johnston, Co-Owner and Co-Producer, has experience with several facilities and provides for the behind the scenes logistics of the Auburn Home Shows and accounting/collections. He makes the home and garden show happen. Even in the staff photo, he is behind the scenes.
A welcome addition to the family is Mike's wife, Katie Johnston. Katie, the Asst Producer, is the one who works her magic to put together Special Features & Special Projects. She is also the primary contact for vendor issues including seminars and giveaways & more. The driving force behind sales is the amazing sales team: Rachel Morgan.
During the home shows, several personnel come back to be part of the Auburn Home Show family. Warren Wray, head of security for the home shows, is a retired peace officer. His calming influence keeps home the shows running smoothly.
Under Michael's supervision, several gate personnel come back just for the event and keep the events moving.