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ADU's & Tiny Homes
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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are featured at the market.  Visit the container home and the tiny house.  Sheds to be converted to guest houses, offices and he-sheds will be found.  With state and county regulations more accommodating and affordable, ADU’s have become popular.  Not only does Foothill Country Sheds offer the traditional sheds but also barns, garages as well as a covered porch shed. Special pricing of 10% off will be offered at the show.
Eco Living Resources has been known for “Helping People Live Earth & Eco-Friendly” by Using Less Energy, Using Less Water, Living Healthier & Saving Money.  For 2020, we’re excited to offer their newest shipping container home.  Shipping container homes are re-purposed shipping containers to build a house, home office, workout room or a craft.  Sometimes multiple containers are used to expand the ADU.  One complete, they are placed on a flatbed truck and “dropped” at their new location with a crane.
Tiny Houses On Display
Tiny Houses are clearly crowd pleasers.  Louis Buchetto Services will show off Glady Done “Glad It’s Done”.  Build for his own use, Louis is proud to display his workmanship.
Back again is Tiny Town Custom Homes of Alta.  They are a small business that custom designs and builds tiny houses. They work with homeowners to realize their dream of aesthetics and function.

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An Outdoor Giveaway
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Giveaway’s are always crowd pleasers.  Produced by the Auburn Home Shows, this completely outdoor, open-air Market will show off outdoor landscaping, products and services.
One lucky person will win a Basalite fire pit and a 10 ft sitting wall with cap.  Perfect for chilly evenings, relax around a backyard fire pit.  Value complete with installation is $2,500.  Just visit the Gloria Landscaping display and enter to win.
Jim Gloria, of Gloria Landscape, is creating a stunning display, along with the fire pit and sitting wall, will be a water feature as well as a paver display.
Even with limited space, this small fire pit gives the homeowner the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and socializing into the cooler seasons

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Not necessarily special features but...
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There are many things, items and companies that you really should check out at the Home Improvement Open-Air Market that are not necessarily Special Features but should be mentioned!
Outdoor living is a major benefit of California living.  This Market has numerous methods and products that will enhance your lifestyle and extend the indoors to the outdoors.  Deck building has evolved.  Evolved Decks of Grass Valley provide durable, low maintenance steel framed decks kits.
Our backyards are an extension of our living area to relax and enjoy.  A must have is a bbq.  Let your bbq chef select one of the fine Lions BBQ’s at the Market.
Comfort, enjoyment, relaxation, all describe your backyard spa.  Sacramento Hot Tub Warehouse have sizes and styles to suit your year-long pleasure.

Save Money and Power
Solar power is usable energy generated from the sun. It is a clean, inexpensive, and renewable power source harnessable nearly everywhere in the world.  Exhibitors at the Market provide various options for purchase or renting as well as tax credits that can offset some of the upfront costs.
One exhibitor, Foothill Electric, Inc., specializes in electrical, lighting, and as well as solar installations, including troubleshooting and repairs, all while working with you on getting the best prices and incentives.
Power Cut Off?
Solutions will be found at the Home Improvement Open-Air Market.  Power your house with Intensity Electrical Service’s whole house Generac generator.  Don’t let power outages put you in the dark.
Kids Stuff
Calling all grandparents and home schoolers.  Discovery Toys provides fun and educational tools, games, toys and books for ALL ages.  They are Kid Powered, Incorporate layers of learning, Selected for developmental value, Super safe and high quality, Fun, Non-violent, Non commercialized, Award winning and Eco-friendly.  Time to get a jump on holiday shopping!
Landscaping On Display
An Open-Air Market is perfect for landscape displays.  D L Junkins will create another custom display, located just inside the entry gate in the Forest Walk.  Don suggests that fall is a good time for planting, less heat, less transplant shock and less watering to get things going. By listening to clients, he designs a garden that is personal, guiding through the negatives and positives and how to use your space according to your lifestyle.