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Special Features

Come enter to win a Tiny Home (valued at aprox $50,000+ including addons)! Yes that is what we said. You could drive away with a fully loaded tiny home! We have partnered up with Tiny Mountain Houses to bring you an amazing opportunity to get your very own tiny home.
Rules, Regulations & How to Enter to Win - Coming Soon!
The Winner of the Tiny House Giveaway 2016 is Dote Pinkerton!
Giveaway put on by the Auburn Home Shows and Tiny Mountain Houses with landscaping by Gloria Landscaping!
     ~~~~Tiny House Village - "Tiny Home - Tiny Living" ~~~~   
One of the biggest trends at this time is "Tiny Living". Come take a look at many great examples of "Tiny Home - Tiny Living" in the Tiny Home Village, a whole cluster of tiny homes (15 - 25 homes) at the Fall Show.  Coming from several states, these compact, economical, efficient, eco-friendly and unique homes have stormed the housing market.  Several tv programs, magazines and events are promoting this intriguing new trend.

While some want the tiny house lifestyle, there are so many other uses for tiny houses that their popularity is becoming widespread. Because of their small size and the fact that they don't require nearly as much time, money, or resources to build or maintain, a tiny house can fit quite nicely in a backyard or on a vacation property, and can be put to great use as a space for work, relaxation, or family obligations.

     Use your tiny house as an office, weekend home, studio or workshop, guest house, or a granny flat for parents or boomerang kids.

Participating Tiny Home Companies are:
Tiny Mountain Houses - bringing 2-3 homes (including the tiny home that will be given away at the show)
Mukwa Teepees - bringing 2 teepees
Thimble Homes - bringing 3 homes & 1 Chantey Trailer
Sunwest Tiny Homes - bringing 1 home
Sierra Tiny Houses - bringing 1 home
Gold Country Tiny Homes - bringing 1 home
Family Kabins - bringing 1 home
Einstyne Tiny Homes - bringing 1 home
 Living Earth Structures - bringing 1 home
Micro Homes of Utah - bringing 1 home
Athens Park Model RV's - bringing 1 home
Tiny House Me - bringing 1 home
Global Green Concepts - bringing 1 home
Moksha Woodwork Designs - bringing 1 home
Picture coming soon.

If you are a Tiny House Manufacturer/Dealer and would like to display in the Tiny House Village for Fall Show 2017 click HERE for the reservation form. Limited space means we need to know asap.


~~~Placer Harvest Fest~~~
The Placer Harvest Fest will take place at the Auburn Home Show Sept. 29-Oct. 1. We have booths in a special area with lot of fun stuff. Previously we had Scarecrows, Pumpkin Patch, Cooking demos & Sampling of Local Products. 
More information coming soon!!!


Canning Demo's with Earlene Eisley of Eisleys Nursery






Schedule coming soon!!!
~~~~Beautiful Landscapers Meadow is a Crowd Pleaser with Outdoor Inspirations~~~~ 
One of the popular Features of the show is the Landscapers Meadow/Outdoor Inspirations where landscapers display their talents and others display some outdoor inspirations for your backyard. Towering trees provide a canopy over unique and one-of-a kind displays created just for the show.

With Feature Landscape Designers and Outdoor Inspiration companies with lots of beautiful displays that will get your creative juices going.

Landscapers Meadow is a small park within the Fairgrounds
with lots of towering trees, perfect for landscaping displays and products.
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